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i threw it in the trash

i had that youth lock in this weekend. it was ok-fun. the only fun part was probably talking during the chronicles of narnia to allie. because she knows nothing about me. and that is cool, because i can be whomever i feel like being. i do not think i ever do my point of views right in this journal. but that's ok.
i wrote a short story from the man's perspective in my Nina Styles story. But for some reason I think I threw it away. This makes me sad, because i thought it was pretty good. Actually, I remember throwing it away. Like 2 weeks ago in Precal. I threw it in the trash because I hoped that Kate would get it out. But she was in the bathroom when I threw it in the trash, so I don't know how she would know about it being in the trash can. Sometimes brain waves don't work, you know.
Which brings me to the somehow religious event I witnessed. I was driving down the road and there were like 100 people walking. I'm not ever exagerating. They were walking along the side of the road. And I felt like I was in some sort of weird movie and they were being called to heaven. I do not believe in heaven, but this was my first thought, so I guess that's what it was. Actually, it was some charity thing, but I would like to forget that.
I also got a work out at may day. the dances sucked this year. but whatever. they need to go back to elaborate costumes, i think. Yeah, I think that's the answer.
Remember how I said I was keeping a paper diary?
Well, I stopped that again because interesting things started to happen and I didn't want to explain them again.
Now I just type word document diary entries and then I erase them after I am done. or sometimes i put them in a Hidden Folder.
That was a lie, I don't use hidden folders.
For some reason I feel like it should be "Folger" instead of "Folder". But alas, I know this is not correct, yet it somehow pulls at my mind.
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